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Eye Examination is the main service we offer here. Our expert opticians are incredibly well trained and educated ensuring an Eye Test with A1 Eyewear is quality assured. We look after all our clients with the greatest respect and want to ensure your time with us is as stress-free as it can be.

There are 2 main parts to your eye exam – checking the eye health and checking your glasses prescription.


The health exam usually involves a photograph of your retina (back of the eye) and me shining a light into your eye. Click here to find out more about the all-new Optomap; The high-tech retinal imagery equipment we use!
I take great pride in explaining all these findings to you, so you will definitely leave A1 knowing more about your eyes, and how to look after them.


The specs prescription check will enable us to give you the clearest vision possible. Like with eye health, we will have plenty of time to discuss the best possible eyewear for your lifestyle needs.

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High-Quality Eye Examinations with Expert Opticians guaranteed to ensure your eye health is in safe hands.
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