Eye Exam

There are 2 main parts to your eye exam – checking the eye health and checking your glasses prescription.

1. Eye Health

I always go through your eye health check first, so that you are re-assured about your long term vision and have any concerns answered. A1 is the only practice locally where you can have the ‘Optomap’ scan for complete reassurance.

Check out the introduction video here.

2. Specs Prescription

If you’ve had several eye tests in the past, the image on the right may amuse you!! Many patients I speak to don’t like the ‘specs prescription’ part of the eye test for fear of ‘getting the answers wrong’. As you may well be wearing your new glasses for up to 2 years or longer, it’s very important for you to be relaxed and happy with the time taken, and how the process is explained. Your 45 minute eye-test slot allows us to do that.

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